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  • Titanic Memorabilia

    Titanic Memorabilia

    Established in 1895, Robinson’s Bar is a place where you can take a step back in time. The famous ground floor Saloon contains original memorabilia from the Titanic; including the famous Philomena Doll recovered from the wreckage. Letters & postcards written onboard the iconic ship sit alongside 1st & 2nd class china used on all White Star Liners.

    Wander around the Saloon taking in the history of the iconic ship, and imagine what was happening in these parts when she set sail on that fateful maiden voyage, on April 10th 1912.

    Scroll through the images below and see what is on display in Robinson’s Saloon.

    Memorabilia to see at Robinsons

    Launch Ticket

    ticketThis printed card admission tickets was issued for the launch of Titanic, the second of the three sister ships, Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. The tickets have the White Star logo and the wording: “Launch of White Star Royal Mail Triple Screw Steamer Titanic at Belfast, Wednesday 31 May 1911 at 12.15pm.”

    Jewelery Box

    jewelery-boxThis hand painted wooden jewellery box, displayed in an outer ‘shadow box,’ commemorates the sea trials and launch of Titanic in Belfast.

    Lunch Menu

    menu(2nd April ..Titanic Leaves Belfast) This menu was the property of Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the highest-ranking officer to survive the sinking. The postcard sized menu details the luncheon served on board Titanic on April 2nd 1912 and described such delicacies as Consommé Mirrette, Salmon and Golden Plover on toast.   Second Officer Lightoller presented the menu to his wife as a souvenir before Titanic sailed from Southampton.

    Philomena The Titanic Doll

    dollPhilomena is reputed to have been found floating amongst wreckage in the aftermath of the disaster by one of the ships passing through the area some time later. The doll “surfaced” many years later in a church ballot in Belfast, having been in the donor’s family for some time.

    RMS Titanic First Class Smoking Room Tile

    tileThis tile is one of a batch left over after Titanic was fitted out. The surplus tiles were used as flooring in Harland & Wolff’s offices in Belfast until they were discovered and mounted.


    titanic-w5-001The collection contains a number of rare photographic and artist drawn postcards of Titanic from the time of construction in Belfast to leaving Southampton.

    Titanic Publicity Booklet

    titanic_8216Produced in 1912 for use by First Class passengers, this monochrome publicity booklet, bound with coloured cord, allows a glimpse into some of the fabulous interiors of Titanic. White Star Line “Olympic” and “Titanic” Largest Steamers in the World. Bound with red ribbon, this publicity booklet was intended for use by First and Second Class passengers on both Olympic and Titanic and has 16 colour plates including a folding frontispiece of the dining salon. Also illustrated are the reading and writing room, smoke room, restaurant, main staircase, veranda café, Turkish Bath cooling room, swimming bath, a single berth stateroom and a number of second-class facilities including dining salon, promenade deck, library and stateroom.

    Life Jacket

    lifejacketThis lifejacket, a replica of those used on the Titanic, was a film prop from the hugely successful 20th Century Fox motion picture “Titanic” and was used in the sinking scenes.

    White Star China

    chinaA selection of china used on all the White Star Liners, including 1st class turquoise and brown gilt edged breakfast, tea and dinner plates and oval dish and a 2nd class blue floral Asparagus dish.

    Letter From Steward Richard Geddes, Written On Board Titanic

    titanic_7785(Collection of Letters Available) This poignant letter was written by Richard Geddes, who was lost at sea, a steward on board the Titanic, to his wife, Sal. The letter begins, “My dearest Sal,” and describes the near miss Titanic had with the New York and what a trying time it must have been for the captain. He continued that, in his opinion, Titanic was going to be a good deal better than the Olympic. He had been “feeling pretty good” and hoped to write again from New York. He bade his wife a fond farewell, sending love and kisses to her and their children and signing off with the words “Your affectionate husband Dick xxxxx.”

    Pocket Penknife

    titanic_7801This penknife was among the belongings found on the body of 2nd class passenger John W Gill when it was recovered after the sinking. He had been married only two months and was travelling ahead of his wife, Sarah, who was to follow later.

    Gold Watch

    titanic_777518 Ct Gold Watch
    Three grateful 1st Class survivors of the sinking presented this gold pocket watch to Captain Rostron of RMS Carpathia, the only ship to pick up survivors. The watch, from Tiffany & Co. New York, has an enamelled monogram AHR on the reverse and the inside of the case is inscribed: “Presented to Captain Rostron with the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of three survivors of the Titanic April 15th 1912. Mrs John B Thayer, Mrs John Jacob Aster Mrs George D Widener.”

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